Algebraic Geometry Preprint Seminar-Spring 2024

Anand Sawant and I are organizing a seminar on recent preprints in algebraic geometry and related areas. If you would like to give a talk, please feel free to send us an email. The seminar usually meets every Tuesday at 4PM in AG 77.


Title: Geometrically pure G_a-actions

Title:The Singer-Hopf conjecture for Algebraic Varieties.

Title:Cohomological flatness in dimension 0

Title: On log motivic cohomology for semistable varieties

Title: Fully faithful functors, skyscraper sheaves and birational equivalence

Title: The relative Du Bois complex

Title:Combing a hedgehog over a field

Title:On the Grothendieck Serre Conjecture for smooth schemes over Pr\"ufer bases

Algebraic Geometry Preprint Seminar-Fall 2023


Title: Cancelled


Title: Bounding Geometrically Integral del Pezzo Surfaces

Title: Saturation bounds for smooth varieties

Title: HFD objects and their application to the indecomposability of derived categories

Title: Full exceptional collections of vector bundles on rank 2 linear GIT quotients.

Title: Morphisms between homogeneous varieties

Title: Phantoms on surfaces and mutations of exceptional collection

Title: Geometry of canonical extensions

Algebraic Geometry Preprint Seminar-Spring 2023

Title:Newton-Okounkov bodies and Picard numbers on surfaces

Title:Strictly nef divisors on K-trivial fourfolds

Title:Geometric local systems on generic curves

Title:Vanishing cohomology and Betti bounds for complex projective hypersurfaces

Title:Reconstructing a variety from the Zariski topological space-Part I

Title:Reconstructing a variety from the Zariski topological space-Part II

Title:Finite generation of certain valuation semigroups on toric surfaces

Title:Volumes of line bundles as limits on certain generically nonreduced schemes

Title:The Kawaguchi-Silverman conjecture for endomorphisms on affine surfaces.

Title:Bernstein-Sato theory for singular rings in positive characteristic.

Title: Higher Tate Traces of Chow motives

Title:Existence of moduli spaces for algebraic stacks

Title:A stacky approach to identify the semi-stable locus of vector bundles

Algebraic Geometry Preprint Seminar-Fall 2022

Title:Infinite torsion in Griffiths groups

Title:Abundance Conjecture on Uniruled Varieties

Title:Seshadri stratification and standard monomial theory

Title:Perfectoid covers of abelian varieties

Title: Singular Principal Bundles

Title:Real forms of some Gizatullin surfaces and Koras-Russell threefolds

Title:On Inversion of Adjunction.

Title: Pro-étale uniformisation of abelian varieties.

Title:Suslin's Cancellation Conjecture in the Smooth Case

Title:Constructing a Derived Lift of The Gillet Soule Motivic Measure

Title: Counting maximal degree subbundles of vector bundles (usual and symplectic cases)